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Deep Liquid is a decision support application based on artificial intelligence and behavioural science to make expert decisions on the likelihood of liquidation of an business in financial distress. Choosing the wrong path can be costly and often irreversible. Allow us to diagnose and understand the vulnerabilities in your business before going into business rescue.

About Us

Unlocking perspectives

We work with underperforming businesses to navigate challenging circumstances and restore value. Working collaboratively with stakeholders, we assess the causes and circumstances of underperformance and bring about change to drive financial turnaround and restore value. In heightened situations of financial distress, where future solvency may be less certain, we work with companies to enable their boards to access the legislative protections of safe harbour.


Professional Services

Accelerate decisions

Decisions under financial distress need to be fast. Our platform can output reliable decisions within a few days.

More data points

We draw on multiple data points from various stakeholders to make informed complex business decisions where data is scarce and uncertainty abounds.

Contraindication check

Often businesses file for business rescue for the wrong reasons. Knowing if business rescue is the right decision for your business will save you time and costs.

Reduce bias

The theoretical framework behind Deep Liquid removes various cognitive biases prone to decision makers in a distressed environment.


We know every business is unique and faces its own peculiar challenges. That’s why we’ve designed a platform that can adapt and ask the questions that matter most.

Expert recommendations

Deep Liquid capabilities go beyond reporting and can assist you with finding the right experts to aid your recovery.

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Reduce uncertainty. Accelerate decisions. Preserve assets.

Deep Liquids solutions provide decision intelligence to practitioners, creditors and directors, increasing efficiency while allowing you to capture high-quality data and understand more about the prospects of your business so that you can feel confident in your decisions.

If you already have the concept and design, you can request our free expert consultation and we’ll get back to you within one week. If you need tech advice, you can book a premium one-hour consultation.

We take care of your ownership rights! You have the right to the app we develop for your business needs. You also own the bespoke design solutions we create according to your mockups and instructions.

We normally provide this service of restoring broken source code repositories. However, since this is the most time-consuming and challenging process, we need to firstly look through your particular problem.

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You Are in Good Hands

I’m happy with the result! We managed to run a startup app for connecting businesses with medical experts in order to streamline their communication.

Adam Smith Founder, BizzPro

Modern IT skills, the best-in-class designers and overall great people to deal with! We recommend it to every startup. We look up to these experts!

Tom TaylorUnicorn
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